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To predict the beer filterability STABIFIX Brauerei-Technik GmbH & Co. KG invested into the development of the system Filtercheck, which performs the “Raible Filtertest”. Due to its high correlation with the key filtration parameter, clarity and pressure increase, the Raible Filtertest is now accepted as a most reliable prediction system world wide. The Filtercheck is used by many brewers and brewing institutes around the world. The test is quick and easy and presents a very cost-effective alternative to other methods. The Filtercheck is a great production management tool, because it helps to predict filter performance and evaluate new kieselguhr mixtures. Since changes in most brewing process steps will have an effect on clarity and filterability the Filtercheck is a simplistic sensor to detect variations in raw material quality, brewhouse work, yeast management and more. So the Filtercheck does not only help to receive a brighter beer more efficiently. It also sheds light on the overall performance of the whole brewing process. All this just by filtering 200ml of beer through the Filtercheck!