Stabilisers & Clarifiers


Despite the fact that beer haze usually contains only two or three percent of the polyphenols, these are important contributors or often even initiators of beer haze formation. At the same time many polyphenolic compounds in the wide spectrum of beer polyphenols are considered benefitial for flavor, flavor stability and according to several research studies may even deliver health benefits. However, in terms of beer stability polyphenols must be devided into harmless polyphenols and haze reactive polyphenols. The latter are partly generated through an oxidiative activation, then often named tannoids. An optimized brewing process will eliminate most of such tannoids but sometimes the required shelf-life will still not be achieved. In such cases the use of PVPP has proven to be most effective. Stabifix technical service suports the brewer in applying the correct as-needed PVPP dosage rate to maintain beer quality while achieving increased shelf-life targets.