Stabilisers & Clarifiers

hydrated xerogels | stabifix extra

It contributes to a highly efficient and economical beer stabilization resulting from low dosing rates similar to xerogel, less sludge volume in the filter, reduced disposal costs and freight rates, in addition allowing less dusting handling conditions.


Typical Properties
Characteristics Hydrated xerogel
Chemical formula SiO2 x n H2O
SiO2-- content in ignition residue approx. 99%
Moisture ex work (at 105° C, 4 hours) approx. 38 - 45 %
Internal surface area 300-500 m2/g
Pore volume 0,7-1,2 ml/g
Pore diameter 10 nm
pH value 6-8
Water soluble substances total less than 2 %
  Ca less than 200 ppm
  Fe less than 20 ppm
  As less than 2 ppm
  Pb less than 2 ppm
Safety Properties
Flash point not applicable
Toxicity none
Hazardous decomposition products none
Hazardous reactions none
Filtration Properties
Particle size more than 100 µ max. 1 %
  less than 25 µ 60%
Average particlesize   approx. 13 µ
Permeability   20-40 mDarcy