Stabilisers & Clarifiers

Stabiquick Sedi

This dry product is applied at transfer to either a storage or treatment tank. It is easy to suspend in water and settles faster than pure bentonite. It can partly reduce high PVPP dosage rates.


Typical Properties
Characteristics blend of STABI-silica gel and processed bentonite, yellowish powder
Chemical formula SiO2 x n H2O plus (Al, Fe 1,67, Mg 0,33) Si4O10 (OH)2 Na+Ca++0,33
SiO2-- content in ignition residue Approx. 85%
Moisture ex work (at 105° C, 4 hours) Approx. 8 – 12%
Internal surface area not applicable
Pore volume not applicable
Pore diameter not applicable
pH value 7 – 9
Safety Properties
Flash point not applicable
Toxicity none
Hazardous decomposition products none
Hazardous reactions none